3 Solar Heating Factors Influencing Pool Water Temperature

A swimming pool in your backyard is an excellent way to relax at home. But with cool water temperatures, can you really relax? Pool heating is a good way to get the water to comfortable temperatures so that you can enjoy your time inside. If you've decided to opt for solar heating for your pool, it's important to consider these factors that can influence water temperature. Orientation Of Solar Collector Panels

5 Reasons to Choose a Semi-Inground Pool Over an Above Ground Pool

For plenty of homeowners all across Australia, adding a swimming pool to their home is something they've dreamt about for years. Of course, there are plenty of things to consider, and one of the most fundamental choices is what type of pool to go for. Above ground pools are often chosen over inground pools thanks to their reduced cost. However, semi-inground pools, which are planted partly into the ground, are becoming an increasingly compelling alternative.

Essential Trends to Inspire Your Custom-Built Swimming Pool

With the increasing number of swimming pools, it's safe to say there is an increasing love affair with sunshine and water. So, if you don't have a pool, there is no better time to think about getting one. Swimming pool designs have evolved from the basic white-tiled, rectangular swimming pools. Design trends are constantly changing to accommodate consumer preference, new technology, and pool features. If you're looking forward to celebrating summer in style with unique pool designs, here are essential trends to consider to help you achieve a personalised pool space:

The Many Advantages of an In-Ground, Concrete Pool

If you're considering getting a pool for your home, you may be concerned about your budget and may want that pool to be ready for swimming as quickly as possible. However, a pool is an investment in your property, and one that you should enjoy for many years to come; in turn, it's good to look beyond the installation costs and how quickly it can be installed, and consider a pool's overall durability and aesthetics.

4 Basic features that pool contractors include in your pool

Contrary to what many people would assume, a pool isn't just a shaped reservoir of water wherein to take refreshing dips on hot days. The principal behind their design and construction incorporates useful knowledge, soaked up from the wider fields of hydrology, architecture, biology to the everyday experience of matters water. Below are some approaches that contractors use in perfecting pools and pool service. Structure The fundamental requirement of a pool is that it should hold water reliably.